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Empowering Detox Coaching Program A Step by Step Guide Detox Your Small Intestine - Module IV of VI


Small Intestine Detox - Module IV of VI:

Erika's Raw Retreat
184 Morrison Point Road
Milford, ON K0K 2P0
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November 1st 
9:30 am - 4.00pm

613-476-0302 or email: to register or for more information.

TexMex Salad

Small Intestine Detox – Module Iv of VI

This module is about the small intestine.
Having completed the Lung Detox Module I; Bladder Detox, Hydrating and Alkalizing Module II, Skin and Large Intestine Module III, having done the essential foundational modules, we are ready to go into the deeper detoxes. The recommendations in the training of this program are things to apply all the time, they are everyday life practices.
During recapping time we explore your readiness. The question to ask is ‘am I applying all of the previous modules? If you are doing the everyday detoxes and you feel okay or good, you are ready.

There are two goals in this module

Goal 1 - Clear the small intestine
Goal 2 -  Keeping it clear

Small Intestine Detox

  • Recapping of Modules I, II, and III
  • Are we ready to move on?
  • Overview of the program
  • The digestive process
  • This model and next is on doing deep detoxes
  • Eating for autumn

You might not be familiar with the term ‘small intestine cleanse’, During a traditional colon cleanse a lot of waste is removed and was assumed to come from the colon, (i.e. the large intestine)

Recent colonoscopy procedures have revealed that most people’s colons are pretty clear. Yet the reality is that a vast amount of waste comes out of your body so the question arises; where does it come from? The answer is it comes from the small intestine.

To imagine this, and It is quite logical, if you run any substance through a tube that is mostly very narrow in diameter and only the last section is much wider, where would you expect things to get stuck? Logically, the widest part of the tube is the least likely to be blocked, right? In this case, logic is borne out in reality; it’s the small intestine that tends to get blocked. The backed up waste gets compacted.
Getting and keeping the small intestine clear is the subject of this workshop, keeping it clear of blockages, keeping things moving through.

On our day together we prepare:

  • Green drink Hippocrates style
  • Erika’s raw veggie breakfast
  • Tortilla wrap and freshly harvested sprouts
  • Raw vegan spinach manicotti
  • Grapefruit arugula salad
  • Desert, Sprouted quinoa smoothie


Empowering Detox Program Dates:
Stay tuned for detailed information.

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$148.00 + HST, including work-booklet (per module)

Payment options

Erika's Raw Retreat
184 Morrison Point Road
Milford, ON K0K 2P0
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613-476-0302 or email: to register or for more information.





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